Bad Weed / But Still Weed

by Native America

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These songs were written and performed by Native America. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ross Farbe. Self-released.


released 30 July 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Heroine
Until the sun
Rises I'll call you mine
I'll hold you tight
All through the night
I'll tell you all the words you long to hear
I'll tell you lies
Just for one night
And you'll be mine

And when the sun
Rises we're fast asleep
Alone in dreams
I've never felt so
Far apart, we hardly spoke a word
But it's alright
'Cause when we rise
We'll say our goodbyes
Track Name: Habits
You know, they weep for
Us and we don't
Speak much about it
We hardly notice
All the people
All the people
Tryna see each other deal
With what was real
What was real was in our homes

How was
Your disaster
It was faster
To skim the pictures
Of all the havoc
All the havoc
All my habits
I just need to see them dyin'
We're all dyin'
I sure do feel somethin' for them
Track Name: Digital Lobotomy
I took a picture
Sent it off to my dad
Who knew, who knew it
Could happen so fast

Helping hand
You're too sweet
I need you with me everyday
All at once
At my command
I have it all in front of me

And now it's hard
Hard to get around
So I use, so I use you
I use you into the ground

I want more
Don't stop now
Now I could never get enough
Open sore
I need help
Now I can never be alone

Now I don't ever give my all
It's you I turn to, whenever I get lost
And you fill my pockets with friends I never call
And when you die, I am left with out a thought. On my own
No I never, ever hope to fall
In love. You die, I am left without a thought of my own

We'll never go, never go back
We'll never know how to go back
I'm all alone and I'm a sad sack
We'll never know how to go back
Track Name: Lonely Tonight
I've never felt so lonely
I'm so lonely tonight
I never thought she'd hurt me
But I'm so hurt she lied
Looked in my eyes and held it in

I need someone to hold me
Hold me close tonight
And every moment tell me
Tell me it's alright
I'm loosin' my mind

I want so bad to share this
Share this pain with you
For treating me so carelessly
Well I don't care to give
You any more love

Pack up and head back up North
Everyone's waiting for you to get started
Crowding the streets of New York
They'll take you in with two hands
I won't worry

I should leave you
I wanna believe you
Track Name: Lull / Fate, TX
Days go
By like words that
You've said
A thousand times
Aloud of in your
Cautious mind

--Fate, TX--
I did not tell you, you should have known
How could I tell you, how could you have known
I did not tell you, you should have known
How could I tell you, how could you have

When we were broken, I was alone
But I was silent
If it was only my startled soul
Then it was only

Something more than I could put my finger on
Behind closed doors I talk it over with myself
And I adore the feeling of fallin' in place
If nothing more it eats me from the inside out

Oh how I hope that you're well
With no way to know that you're well
There's no Fate. Alone, I'm in hell
Oh how I wish I was well
Oh how I fear I might disappear before you notice
I love you