Get Well Soon

by Native America

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released January 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Native America New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Reminded
Sometimes I feel as if you're only in my dreams
And if I try too hard, I can't get back to sleep
So I think of nothing
And there you are
I'm reminded every time you read my mind
That all the lonely nights when I
Feel like I could cry
You're not as far as it seems
Give it two months and you'll be right back here with me

Sometimes it's all too much for me to comprehend
I can tell where this is going
But I don't know where it's been
(In and out in a day)
I know it had to be this way

Wistful thinking, going nowhere fast
Wishful thinking, to make the time pass

I'm reminded every time I'm in your bed
That all the problems in my head
I put them there instead
Of bigger things
That could worry me to death
Track Name: Bayhouse
Waterway rendezvous
I know where I can find you
I haven't been true to you
But lord knows I can try too
Oh, how long
I waited too long
I waited too long

My love in the bayhouse said
"I want you for my own dear"
You don't have to go away just yet
Take my heart and change it
Oh, how long
I waited too long
I waited too long

Just think about you and me
Holding hands by the dock
Just get out to get away
In the bayhouse, it'll be okay

Sitting in the bayhouse sun
I'm all alone without you
I'm going back to where I'm from
There's nothing left for me here
Oh, how long
I waited too long
I waited too long
Track Name: Christ Alrighty
If you wanna know
Don't ask why
I will be your shield
So you could just hide
Give me your head and I'll put it on mine
You could be saved for just this small price

If only we could show them the way
Maybe you could help
Tell them what I say
We could be together upstairs one day
But if you go down, it's your fault anyway

I am righteous
So you could be right
If you follow me
Through the pitch black night
Look no further; it's right in front of your eyes
I'll be the one in the sheep's wool disguise

If only we could show them the way
Maybe you could help
Tell them what I say
And we could be together upstairs one day
But if you go down, it's your fault anyway
Track Name: Living Room
If it's gonna hurt both ways I should leave today
If it will not work for sure what more can we say

I've been trying to understand
The light behind your eyes
It won't fit inside my hands
I will not try anymore

I've been nervous and biting nails since I awoke
We fell asleep on such an uneasy note

I've been thinking about your plans
And not much about mine
In the middle of the summer
It's more than hot this time, time of year

Sometimes I hate these open ends
Surrounding me
I'd love to tie you up but you've got
Places to be
I guess I'll call you later
And if it's gonna hurt both ways I think I'll stay
Track Name: Personal Space
It's such a shame I have to go
Of my favorite family home
I'm not
Ever to feel quite the same
It would be different every day
If I could just recall your name
This could all be over soon

Well is it me or you who won't
Give enough
Of a fuck to stay afloat
I'm not
Ever to feel any pain
I'll put it right back where it came from
Well I just feel it is a shame
This could all be over soon

Don't you know I'll call you all the time
Leave it unsaid, believe in something
You'll be dancing through my every thought
But tonight I'm thoughtless, drunk and careless
When I awoke to clean up my mess
Feeling so sick, but not yet broken
Track Name: Pictures
I'll put up my hood
And hide my head for a while
Because I don't think I could
Even open my mouth for a while

My appetite's fine, most of the time
My appetite's fine, some of the time

And you call me a monster
Maybe I'm just blind to it all
Did you ever stop to wonder
Why you couldn't find it at all
And I've still got your number
Written on the back of my eyelids
Did you ever stop to wonder
The things we shouldn't ever have said

(I feel so strange
When I think of you
In pictures I remember
That you took and threw away
I'll stay inside
To avoid wet feet
To avoid the cold
When I'm trying to sleep)

It's different every day
I always say the same things
You leave me empty after hours every evening fighting on the phone
Maybe we should step back and take a look at what's going on

I'll self medicate
To forget
The things I couldn't say
To you yet
And all those things you gave
You can't take back
And all those things you gave
To me I kept
And baby, I'm okay
With the things I've said
I hope you can say the same
Track Name: Winedrunk Potluck
Let's go to a new part of town
We don't have to stay long
I just wanna know it's there

Trying hard to keep my mouth shut
I don't have much to say
Adding up the time is too slow

I don't feel it beneath my feet
Afraid of falling fast, I can see how I am
When I'm near you my questions go
Afraid to changing with my eyes closed again

Now that you're finally found
You don't have to stay long
But I sure do love to see you here
Track Name: Bird's Eye
You had me wrapped up
I felt infectious
All of a sudden
I saw us from above
Oh I found all my folded thoughts
I never knew you held so much
I never knew it meant so much from the start

I hope you're happy
Because I can sleep easy
Knowing it's only a movie that you've seen
Oh and the characters are all in your hands
You fit them into your plans
It's all ways up to you in the end

But I can't talk
I am no better, we all play a part
If you forgot
All of the love we share
It's not your fault
Track Name: Hush
Little girl
Don't you know I'm bad, bad news for you
Hard working man
Well I've got some bad, bad news for you
Don't you know it's true

Run from me
You should hear yourself talk
I now see my part in it
Take it from me
I don't trust myself much
I don't feel apart from it at all

Single mothers
Well it makes me sad, sad for you
Social change
I know I've been bad, bad news for you
I wish I knew it sooner

Smiling faces only gone for half a day
In our places firmly, look the other way
Keep it quiet, we don't wanna start a fuss
Keep pretending there is no one else but us
Track Name: You're (Still Trying To Figure Out How We Got) Here
Hesitation comes to feast on frightened hearts
Positively something in those happy thoughts
Track Name: Earth Chattering
Speak up please
I'll turn down the noise
You have a seat
Because we
Haven't got much time
Let's skip the tea
So tell me
What's been on your mind
What do you see

Why do I feel like you've
Got it much more figured out
Than I do
Shade me when the sun is out
I just wonder how
You turn me upside down

I hear you
But I cannot make sense
Out of the truth
Our concrete tomb
Cannot keep you
Keep on fighting through